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What is HealthShare?

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HealthShare, also referred to as Health Care Sharing Ministry or medical cost sharing, is a collective approach where individuals unite to share in each other's major healthcare expenses. 


By participating in a HealthShare, you become part of a compassionate community that genuinely cares about your well-being and shares the burden of medical costs.

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What To Consider! 

First, it's important to note that HealthShare is a distinct concept with its own terminology and guidelines. HealthShare should not be mistaken for insurance, and we'll discuss specific terminology to avoid any confusion.


Second, HealthShare is suitable for everyone ages 18 to 64. Kids qualify with a parent or guardian. No one will be turned away.  However, it is crucial to understand how it operates and if it aligns with your needs and circumstances. 


We'll walk you through what you need to know to determine if HealthShare is a fit for you.

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Zion HealthShare Community
Zion Health Family Membership

HealthShare Terminology

Let's clarify the differences between HealthShare Communities and traditional Insurance. HealthShare is not regulated like insurance, being community-driven makes it more affordable with less paperwork and less confusion. 

HealthShare vs. Insurance

HealthShare Membership vs. Insurance Plan
Membership Guidelines vs. Plan Outline
Shared Services vs. Benefits
What is Eligible for Sharing vs. Covered
Monthly Contribution vs. Premium
Initial Un-shareable Amount (IUA) vs. Deductible
Medical Need Request vs. Claim
Pre-membership condition vs. Pre-ex Condition

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Zion HealthShare completes the puzzle

Healthcare Equation

First, Primary and preventive care focus on overall health, wellness, and in preventing minor health concerns from escalating. HealthShare provides tools to help you access these fundamental aspects of healthcare.

Second, Catastrophic care addresses severe and life-threatening medical conditions, requiring immediate and intensive medical attention. This type of care often occurs in specialized facilities like trauma centers, hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs). HealthShare membership empowers you to choose how you address these critical health challenges.

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Zion HealthShare Works with your doctor

Primary Care Services

HealthShare membership offers access to basic primary care services like annual doctor visits, colonoscopy, mammogram, immunization and more, to keep you healthy and connected with medical professionals. Features include preventive care, telemedicine, prescription sharing, and mental health support.


Some members might have their own Direct Primary Care provider locally or be a member of a virtual offering through telehealth. Members can elect to forgo these additional features and retain the essential cost sharing membership instead.

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Catastrophic Care with Zion HealthShare

Major Medical Needs

HealthShare Plans support major medical events. A Medical Need is any medical event that causes you to seek out medical support. Medical needs can occur in several ways.


First, are life threatening events that require immediate attention, maybe an ambulance ride to save life & limb.


Second are less threatening but are the result of unexpected injury that requires professional medical attention. 


Medical needs can include, initial doctor visits, medical screening, x-rays, MRIs, specialists' visits, surgeries, medication, physical therapy and or anything needed to get you back to 100% health.

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How HealthShare Works

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Distinct concept and accepts everyone.

Healthshare Vs Insurance. 

Primary Care + HealthShare = Better Care

Direct Primary Care, in-person or Virtual.

Life Threating Events & Unexpected injuries

Principles of Membership

Household, Age & IUA = Monthly Price

Member's Responsible Portion

Preconditions Defined and phase in period.

No lifetime limits, No annual renewals

better care at Zion HealthShare

Membership Guidelines

The Member Guidelines define the structure of sharing within the HealthShare community.

The Principles of Membership encourages good health practices and promotes integrity and accountability.


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Affordable Memberships at Zion HealthShare

Monthly Contributions

Monthly Contributions directly support members' medical needs, with a focus on minimizing administrative costs.


Membership is month to month with no annual contracts or agreements.


Your contribution is determined by household size, age, and selected Initial Un-shareable Amount (IUA).

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What's an IUA at Zion HealthShare

What is an IUA?

Also known as Initial Unshareable Amount or member responsibility.


This is the amount paid by the member before the HealthShare community shares in their medical expenses.

The IUA gives each member a personal responsibility for their health without overburdening them with healthcare expenses.


Most HealthShare's offer different IUA amounts ranging from $1000, $2500, and $5000. 


The higher the IUA, the lower the monthly sharing contribution will be.

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Zion HealthShare medical cost share

Pre-Membership Conditions

in order to maintain affordable membership for everyone, HealthShare's offer a pre-membership medical condition guideline that limits sharing on any illness or injury that occurred within 24 months before joining the HealthShare.

HealthShare offers a phased-in approach for pre-membership conditions. Initially, there's a one-year waiting period from your membership start date. Then, the sharing amount increases yearly.

  • Year One: Not shareable (waiting period)

  • Year Two: Up to $25,000

  • Year Three: Up to $50,000 per sharing request

  • After four years, up to $125,000 can be shared in a 12-month period. This maximum resets annually

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Zion HealthShare Top Rated

What is Shareable?

HealthShare allows 100% sharing of all medical needs without lifetime maximums (except pre-membership conditions).

All shareable expenses are subject to the member’s IUA.

Households that smoke or use any smoking products are subject to an additional charge and certain limitations related to smoking. 

To read the membership guidelines click link below. 

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Maternity Care at Zion HealthShare

Maternity Care?

Similar to any other sharing request, pregnant mothers contribute a single Initial Un-shareable Amount (IUA) covering all maternity expenses. Shareable expenses encompass aspects like miscarriage, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as delivery. Must be a member 60 days prior to conception.


View our maternity guide by clicking here.

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Join the Zion HealthShare Community

What is HealthShare?

In conclusion, HealthShare offers a compassionate and community-driven approach to healthcare.

It's not insurance, but a collective effort to share medical expenses and support each other's well-being.

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Additional highlights from our HealthShare partner!


Everyone is accepted. No one is turned away based on their religious beliefs.


We allow our members to work with any provider without network restrictions.


We encourage healthy living within our community.


We do not have annual or lifetime caps on sharing


We voluntarily share each other’s medical costs as a community of like-minded individuals.


Payment options to contribute directly through your employer or direct primary care practice.


We process our member’s medical needs within 5 business days.


We share medical costs incurred outside the United States.

Zion HealthShare Family

Experience community-driven affordable healthcare today.

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