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Happy Zion HealthShare Family

Affordable solutions for families and individuals.

Membership comes in two options.

Direct Membership

This Membership comes ready to give you the basics of what you need to manage your health responsibilities with ease. No additional requirements needed! See what's included!


Features Include:

Add-on Features:

  • Mental Health

Essential Membership

Comes ready to pair with any Direct Primary Care partner or other Virtual Primary Care Service. You can also include ancillary Add-on features that fit your needs. Lower cost Membership.

Features Include:

  • Cost Sharing

Add-on Features:

Most members want an all-inclusive pre-built solution that will take care of any issues that come up, including annual checkups and instant communication with a medical provider. But if you have that covered with a DPC doctor or a Virtual Primary Care service you may want the essential services to increase your cost savings.


If you have questions about which option to choose. Click below to schedule a brief call to discuss your needs and we'll help you make the best choice! 

Which Membership is Right for Me?

Happy Zion HealthShare Members

Ready to turn your enrollment into a winning experience? Here's your golden ticket: Simply join Zion HealthShare from our site. Then send us a copy of your first invoice. That's it! 

Why miss out on the opportunity to have your first month covered? By joining through our website, you'll be entered into our exciting quarterly giveaway. Imagine enjoying your membership with the added perk of a first month reimbursement – it's a win-win!

Act now and seize your chance! Enroll by clicking on any Zion HealthShare link, become a free member here, and you could be the lucky winner of a 1st Month's Membership Reimbursement. Don't let this opportunity slip away – sign up today and let the savings begin! 

Unlock a Chance to Win!

Join today and secure your chance to win your first month on us!

Discover the #1 Top Rated HealthShare!

If you're looking for a better healthcare option, come and see what we have to offer. Click the link > to learn more about a community driven healthcare membership!


Everyone is accepted. No one is turned away based on their religious beliefs.


We allow our members to work with any provider without network restrictions.


We encourage healthy living within our community.


We do not have annual or lifetime caps on sharing


We voluntarily share each other’s medical costs as a community of like-minded individuals.


Payment options to contribute directly through your employer or direct primary care practice.


We process our member’s medical needs within 5 business days.


We share medical costs incurred outside the United States.

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