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Join the HealthShare Revolution: Embrace Community, Not Just Coverage!

Joining a HealthShare community feels like stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. It's like leaving behind a stable job to venture into self-employment. Initially, it can be intimidating because there are so many unfamiliar procedures and questions about how to manage different aspects of the business.

Managing your own healthcare is quite similar. What do you do when you need to see a doctor? What if there's an emergency? The potential problems seem endless. But just like in business, when challenges arise, having the right community in place can help you navigate through the unknowns.

Having a community and knowing the tools like the Membership Guidelines, are essential for finding answers to problems as they arise. Here's why having a community drive HealthShare membership is so important.

  1. Sense of Community: HealthShare organizations often emphasize a sense of community among members. Unlike traditional insurance companies where the relationship is primarily transactional, HealthShare members often share similar values and beliefs, fostering a supportive community sentiment.

  2. Alignment of Values: Community membership guidelines typically reflect the values and beliefs of the members, which can include ethical, religious, or lifestyle considerations. This alignment often leads to greater satisfaction among members, as they feel their contributions are supporting causes they believe in.

  3. Transparency: HealthShare organizations often have transparent guidelines that outline member responsibilities and how funds are distributed. This transparency can build trust among members, as they have a clear understanding of how their contributions are being used and who they are helping.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Community membership guidelines can be more cost-effective compared to traditional insurance premiums. Since HealthShare organizations often have lower administrative costs and may negotiate discounted rates with healthcare providers, members may enjoy lower monthly contributions without sacrificing quality of care.

  5. Flexibility: HealthShare organizations may offer more flexibility in terms of coverage options and eligibility criteria. This flexibility can be especially beneficial for individuals with unique healthcare needs or those who don't qualify for traditional insurance plans.

  6. Shared Responsibility: In HealthShare organizations, members share responsibility for each other's medical bills. This shared responsibility fosters a sense of solidarity among members and can lead to more responsible healthcare decisions, such as seeking cost-effective treatments and practicing preventive care.

  7. Exemption from ACA Mandates: HealthShare organizations often operate outside the regulatory framework of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This exemption allows for greater flexibility in designing membership guidelines and coverage options, which can be advantageous for both members and the organization.

  8. Focus on Wellness: Some HealthShare organizations prioritize wellness initiatives and preventive care, incentivizing members to adopt healthy lifestyles and participate in wellness programs. This proactive approach to healthcare can lead to better health outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs.

To learn more about what a HealthShare membership can do for you, visit for more information. We love our HealthShare community, and I think you will too!

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