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Understanding Major Medical Need Support with HealthShare

In times of medical emergencies or unexpected health crises, having comprehensive support becomes paramount. HealthShare membership is a great solution when it comes to finding support for major medical needs and we provide access to our Member Advocacy Team during such challenging times.

Defining Major Medical Needs

A major medical need encompasses a broad spectrum of health events that require professional medical attention. These can range from life-threatening emergencies demanding immediate intervention to less severe but still critical situations necessitating medical care.

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HealthShare Support for Major Medical Needs.

  1. Life-Threatening Emergencies: These are situations where every second counts, such as severe injuries, heart attacks, strokes, or other critical conditions. Immediate medical attention, including ambulance services and emergency room care, is crucial to preserving life and limb.

  2. Unexpected Injuries: While not immediately life-threatening, unexpected injuries can significantly impact one's health and well-being. These may include fractures, sprains, cuts requiring stitches, or other traumatic injuries that require prompt medical assessment and treatment.

Comprehensive HealthShare Support for Medical Needs

HealthShare Membership plans are designed to support members through every stage of their medical journey, from diagnosis to recovery. Our support extends to a wide range of services and treatments necessary to address major medical needs effectively:

  • Initial Doctor Visits: Access to primary care physicians or specialists for prompt evaluation and diagnosis.

  • Diagnostic Services: Medical screenings, x-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic procedures to aid in accurate diagnosis.

  • Specialists' Visits: Consultations with specialized healthcare providers to address specific medical conditions or concerns.

  • Surgical Procedures: Surgical interventions deemed necessary for treatment or management of health conditions.

  • Medication: Support for prescription medications prescribed as part of the treatment plan.

  • Physical Therapy: Access to rehabilitative services and physical therapy to aid in recovery and restoration of function.

Supporting HealthShare Members Towards Recovery

At What is HealthShare, we understand the importance of holistic care in achieving optimal health outcomes. Our support doesn't end with medical expenses; we strive to assist our members throughout their recovery journey. This includes offering guidance, resources, and assistance to ensure a smooth transition back to health and well-being. But be aware, Members must take active steps to utilize this support. Contacting the HealthShare community to submit a medical need request is the first step.

In conclusion, major medical needs can arise unexpectedly and significantly impact individuals and families both emotionally and financially. With a quality HealthShare at your side, members can rest assured knowing they have comprehensive support to navigate through such challenging times. Our commitment to providing quality healthcare solutions empowers members to focus on their recovery with peace of mind.

For more information about our favorite HealthShare and major medical need support, please visit our website or contact one of our HealthShare Coaches for personalized assistance. Visit:

By prioritizing the health and well-being of our members, we continue to uphold our mission of making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

Disclaimer: HealthShare or Medical Cost Sharing communities are not health insurance, that’s why it works!

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